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Currawong has designed a range of fuel injectors to suit small fuel injected engines.  These fuel injectors offer the benefits of high reliability as well as highly atomised fuel to improve engine efficiency.

The CE646 fuel injector features an integrated injector cap and the injector plate can be configured to meet a range of flowrate requirements.  The CE646 injector is used on the Corvid-29 engine.

In 2019, Currawong released the CE1494 fuel injector, offering similar versatility in a more compact package.  It is used on the Corvid-50 engine and can also be used on larger engines.  The CE1494 is secured with a retaining cap which also integrates the barbed 4mm fuel line connector.  Flowrates are also customisable to suit a wide range of engine capacities.

fuel injector for uav 1

CE646 injector

fuel injector for uav 1

CE1494 injector


Weight:CE646 & CE1494 - 35 grams (1.2oz)
Length (including cap):CE646 - 53mm (2") CE1494 - 44mm (1.8")

* Data based on injector for Corvid-29 engine

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