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Currawong Engineering Pty Ltd is a world leader in the field of engine powertrain systems and power electronics for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), in both military and commercial applications. Currawong’s first engine offering was the Corvid-29 engine powertrain system including custom induction system, fuel injection system, low noise exhaust and power supply, followed by the Corvid-50, which was developed to meet the rapidly growing UAV market with heavier applications. The latest powertrain addition is the Hybrid Heavy-fuel 2-stroke engine designed to maximise the superior power-density of conventional fuels to simultaneously charge batteries and power electrically driven motors during flight.

Currawong has developed a series of CAN-compatible high-performance Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC), as well as CAN servos which provide a complete closed-loop actuator and UAV power system with real-time telemetry feedback.  These electronic systems network together via the CAN standard along with the engine control unit, power supply, autopilot and payload.  Currawong’s in-house software tool, cEQUIP, provides an interface to allow the configuration and real-time data logging of the electronic systems via a simple USB connection to a laptop.

Currawong also offers specialist machining services and engineering design consulting services to local and international customers.

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Currawong’s Quality System

Currawong maintains a quality assurance system that has been successfully audited by Tier 1 military customers.  Its quality system consists of:

          • Robust design and testing procedures for new products. For example, the Corvid-29 engine has successfully completed the stringent 150 hour endurance test specified in the US Federal Aviation Regulations Part 33 (FAR 33)
          • Detailed assembly guides for each product to ensure consistency of build processes
          • 100% testing of all engines and modules prior to shipping with an acceptance sheet for each major component and a Certificate of Conformance for each product
          • A system to serialise components to enable tracking of parts
          • Product user manuals, integration guides and interface specifications. For example, the Corvid-29 engine comes with a detailed operation and service manual and;
          • Document management system to ensure that the above procedures are easily accessible and updated

Our Company History

Currawong Engineering PTY LTD is Established

After re-locating to the state of Tasmania, Gavin Brett established the company, Currawong Engineering Pty Ltd. The company was named after the intelligent Tasmanian Currawong bird, which is endemic to Tasmania.

Currawong teamed up with Cloud Cap Technology in the US to design and manufacture the TASE series of camera gimbals.

EFI Contract Awarded

Gavin then began work on designing an aerospace grade, world leading electronic fuel injection system for UAV carbureted engines. In 2009 Currawong secured a contract to supply the EFI system for Honeywell’s T-Hawk Micro Air Vehicle.

Over 700 systems were supplied. Since then the EFI system has been used by Raytheon Sensintel (US), Fuji-Imvac (Japan) and numerous other UAV manufacturers.

Corvid-29 Engine System Release

In 2013 Currawong partnered with Cobra Aero (US) and Power4Flight (US) to create the Corvid-29 engine, a fuel injected version of the 3W-28 engine with a low noise exhaust.

Currawong also designed and manufactured its own engine dynamometer (due to the lack of a precision dynamometer on the market) in order to properly test and calibrate the engine. The Corvid-29 has been successfully integrated into eight airframes.

Product Range Expands to ESCs and Servos

Currawong expanded its product range to include servos (with internal vibration sensors), electronic speed controllers and a special hub to connect all of the avionics via the very reliable and robust controller area network.

Corvid-50 Engine System Released

In 2017 Currawong released the Corvid-50 engine, based on the Desert Aircraft DA50 engine, with a custom throttle body, EFI, inlet manifold and integrated isolation mount.

Currawong Expands to Larger Factory

In October 2018, Currawong relocates to a larger factory 5 minutes down the road. The new factory is officially opened by the Premier of Tasmania.

Major Upgrade to Corvid-50 Released

Currawong released the upgraded version of the Corvid-50 engine with custom crankcase, crankshaft and low noise exhaust.

Electronics Production Expands with $150k CDIC Grant

Currawong hosted a visit from Senator Jonno Duniam to celebrate the announcement of a $150,000 CDIC Global Defence Competitiveness Grant. The grant enabled Currawong to expand its electronics production capability leading to improved quality, reliability and lead times for its electronic speed controllers.

Currawong Introduces DroneCAN to Product Line

With the inclusion of DroneCAN into the protocol range, Currawong will be able to bring the market leading, high power density Velocity ESC range to a wider range of consumers. Support for DroneCAN increases interoperability with other DroneCAN devices without compromising on control or the existing rich set of features that Currawong products are known for.

Currawong Engineering

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