ESC & Motor OptimiSation

Currawong Engineering can perform a suite of evaluation tests to determine the optimum running configuration for your Velocity ESC given your specific motor and propeller setup. These tests also evaluate the operating conditions the motor and ESC can be run under, whilst remaining within their maximum rated values.

These tests include:

Starting – The various starting settings allow the Velocity ESC to properly start a variety of motors and propellers. This test determines settings for consistent and reliable motor starting.

Static power – This test adjusts protection limits and motor drive settings to achieve maximum power through the motor under steady state conditions. Beginning with conservative protection limits, the duty cycle applied to the motor is gradually increased. When a protection limit is reached, that limit is incremented until the motor is able to reach its maximum output, or limits reach an unsafe level for the ESC or motor.

Dynamics – Ramp rates and protection limits are adjusted to achieve a desired performance during transients. Step changes in duty cycle are performed ranging from 50% to up to 100%, and the transient response is analysed. This test ensures the ESC remains within the safe operating conditions during rapid accelerations whilst also achieving a sufficient dynamic response.

Temperature – Investigating thermal performance of the ESC and motor during sustained high power running under multiple cooling conditions.


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