Quality Assurance

Currawong maintains a quality assurance system that has been successfully audited by Tier 1 military customers.  Its quality system consists of:

    • Robust design and testing procedures for new products. For example,  the Corvid-29 engine has successfully completed the stringent 150 hour endurance test specified in the US Federal Aviation Regulations Part 33 (FAR 33)
    • Detailed assembly guides for each product to ensure consistency of build processes
    • 100% testing of all engines and modules prior to shipping with an acceptance sheet for each major component and a Certificate of Conformance for each product
    • A system to serialise components to enable tracking of parts
    • Product user manuals, integration guides and interface specifications. For example, the Corvid-29 engine comes with a detailed operation and service manual and
    • Document management system to ensure that the above procedures are easily accessible and updated

Currawong Engineering

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Canada and the USA

For USA and Canada ESC customers, please contact our partner, Power4Flight