UAV Systems

Currawong Engineering is a specialist manufacturer of propulsion systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Currawong manufactures small engines, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems and components for EFI systems. Currawong EFI systems are being used in nearly 1,000 UAVs worldwide. Individual Currawong products include the ECU that is the central element of EFI, high pressure fuel pumps, fuel injectors and sensors of various types.

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CNC Machining

Currawong Engineering operates high precision machining facilities that are of service to a range of industries. Currawong operates a number of CNC machines, including lathes, mills and grinding machines and has a specialised laser welding system. As well as the manufacturing capability, Currawong also operates an environmental chamber for testing completed products. The equipment is operated by a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians.

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Engineering Services

Currawong Engineering offers a range of professional services related to advanced engineering products and systems. These services include engineering consulting, OEM manufacturing and EFI engine development and testing.

Currawong utilises its own team of engineers and technicians as well as a network of highly qualified associates to undertake projects across a wide range of industries.

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