Embention and Currawong are pleased to announce an integration partnership of their systems (Veronte autopilots and Currawong’s engines, servos and ESCs).

Currawong  Engineering  manufactures  engine  powertrain systems,  servos  and electronic speed controllers (ESCs) for  the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry from its  factory based in Australia.   Embention is  a leading supplier of  autopilots and critical components for drones and UAVs.

Embention and Currawong recently identified an opportunity to create a seamless integration between their products.   Embention’s CEO David Benavente said “We congratulate Currawong on its  excellent ICD information which made the task for integration by our engineering team very straight forward”.

This partnership  will enable Embention’s  Veronte Autopilot customers  to  easily adopt Currawong’s  engines,  servos and/or  ESCs  without extra integration effort (and vice versa).

Currawong’s   CEO   Gavin  Brett  commented   “I   was   really  happy   to    accept Embention’s  invitation to  partner up on this project since both companies have quality and innovation as  their core values”.

Currawong’s quality system consists of  robust design and testing procedures for new products and extensive product manufacturing procedures.   For example its powertrain   systems   have   successfully   completed   the   stringent   150    hour endurance test specified in the US Federal Aviation Regulations Part 33 (FAR 33).

Embention  maintains  strict validation and  verification processes to  ensure the high quality of  its  products.   Its  products are  designed to  meet safety assurance standards  according   to    DO160,   DO178   /   ED-12,   DO254  or    STANAG  aircraft standards.

The Veronte Autopilot and Currawong product family,  including ESC, Servos, etc. use CAN BUS to  communicate.  It  provides the complete system with a  robust communications  protocol that allows the interconnection  of  all   devices in the same CAN  Bus  network and to   exchange  control and  telemetry data at   high frequencies for optimal system performance.

This combination is  the perfect solution for  large and professional UAVs projects where failure is  not an option. The robust communication protocol provides high immunity to  electrical interference and the ability to self-diagnose and repair data errors.


Embention develops autopilots and critical components for drones and UAVs.  The Veronte Autopilot has been used in more than 500 drone projects and has accumulated more than 100,000 hours in operation.

Embention,  with 60 employees,  is  a  worldwide leader in the unmanned  aircraft industry,  applying  state-of-the-art and military technologies in the drone sector for Enabling Drones to Populate Our Skies.

Currawong Engineering

Currawong is  a world leader in the field of  engine powertrain systems, servos and electronic speed controllers for  UAVs.    It  also offers specialist machining  services and engineering design consulting services to local and international customers. Currawong has 17 employees and is  currently expanding its  in-house electronics production capability due to high volume sales of its  ESCs.

For more information: www.embention.com | www.currawongeng.com