Currawong is pleased to formally release its power supply CE1000 with optional remote starter.  This feature allows remote starting of the engine on the ground and during flight.  It improves operator safety and can reduce the number of personnel required in the field.

Currawong’s CEO Gavin Brett said, “since we released the optional starter feature in the power supply in late 2017, all of our customers have opted to go with the starter feature.  This feature was regularly requested by our customers and I am pleased to be able to offer this option”.

Engine starting can be initiated via a command over RS232 or CAN communication interfaces. The starter module provides telemetry data over CAN. A digital input can also be used to control engine starting for straight-forward autopilot integration.

The base power supply is made by a fellow Australian company, Millswood Engineering.

Please click here to download the Press Release.