Currawong was very pleased to host a visit from Senator Jonno Duniam to celebrate the announcement of a $150,000 CDIC Global Defence Competitiveness Grant.  The grant will Currawong to expand its electronics production capability leading to improved quality, reliability and lead times for its electronic speed controllers.  The total project cost is expected to be around $300,000 with up to 50% to be provided through the CDIC grant.  The first capex item to be purchased is an automatic optical inspection machine to inspect PCB assemblies.  The next stage will involve the purchase of an electronic component placement machine and a reflow oven.

Currawong’s CEO, Gavin Brett, said “We are thrilled to be receiving this CDIC grant.  There is a strong interest in our soon to be released Gen 2 electronic speed controllers so this increased production capability will be essential to fulfill customer orders in a timely manner”.