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The Corvid-50 engine is the second offering in the Currawong family of EFI powertrain solutions. This engine is based on the Desert Aircraft DA-50 engine and features a custom throttle body, starter generator, inlet manifold and integrated isolation mount. It comes with Currawong’s EFI system and a low noise exhaust.

The Corvid-50 engine is currently undergoing an upgrade to a custom crankcase and crankshaft.  This will further increase its reliability and durability.  It is scheduled to begin the 150 hour accelerated wear endurance testing in October 2018.

EFI engine with integrated generator and power supply

The Corvid-50 is a 50cc single cylinder engine having a high power density and minimal maintenance requirements. The Corvid-50 engine is recommended for aircraft with a maximum take-off weight up to around 40 kilograms. The engine is currently undergoing the 150 hour endurance test (based on the US Federal Aviation Regulation Part 33) and has been integrated into two airframes.

Currawong’s power supply with optional starter can be used with this engine.

The Corvid-50 engine system includes:

  • Base DA-50 engine with modified crankcase
  • Custom induction system with manifold, isolation mount and throttle body
  • Miniature engine control unit (ECU)
  • Self priming fuel pump
  • Super atomising fuel injector and CDI ignition
  • Manifold and cylinder head temperature sensors
  • Generator
  • Low noise exhaust (optional)
  • Power supply with starter (optional)
  • Operation and service manual and ICD manual

Engine technology

The Corvid-50 engine is an advanced version of the DA-50 engine, with fully machined crankcase, induction system and isolation mount designed and manufactured by Currawong.

The engine comes with Currawong’s mature EFI system. Over 700 Currawong’s EFI systems have been used on Honeywell’s T-Hawk micro air vehicle. The EFI system consists of:

  • Compact ECU with mature and reliable control algorithms. It includes barometric pressure sensing, a complete throttle position and pump control solution as well as UAV-specific telemetry available on both serial and CAN interfaces
  • High accuracy positive displacement fuel pump with outstanding self priming capability and ability to maintain pressure, even in the event of aeration of the fuel
  • A robust fuel injector that uses an automotive injector body with proprietary interior modifications that provide very fine atomisation


The Corvid-50 is known as the B50i engine in the US and Canada


Engine type:Air-cooled 2-stroke single engine (DA-50)
Displacement:50 cc
Weight:3.4 kg (7.5 lb) (engine, generator, low noise exhaust ex power supply)
Power output:2.9 kW (3.9 HP) at 7,000 RPM
Fuel consumption:450 g/kW-hr (0.74 lb/HP-hr) at cruise
Generator output:250W (500W intermittent duty cycle)

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