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The triplex pump represents a substantial step forward for EFI technology in small engines. This device has been developed by Currrawong to provide high-pressure, regulated fuel delivery of particular application to heavy fuel and gasoline engines. Its unique phased three-piston design, combined with an integrated control system, provides very precise regulation of fuel delivery across a wide range of pressures. This pump provides integrated pressure regulation and flow-metering and can accurately report the amount of fuel delivered.

EFI technology for triplex pump

The features of the triplex pump include:

  • Self priming
  • Triple piston design provides smooth fuel delivery
  • Integrated electronics provide pressure regulation and flow metering
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • High pressure fuel delivery
  • Fully documented interface (CAN and RS232)
  • Protection against over-pressure of fuel system
  • High resolution fuel delivery information
  • Able to be deployed as a flow metering pump with < 1% error


Voltage:8 – 16 V operation
Pressure:0 – 8 bar (0 to 11644 psi)*
Maximum flow rate:425 g/min @ 12 V*
Weight:250 grams (0.55 lb)

* Variant with high speed motor CE822-03. Pressure and flow rate performance depends on pump configuration.

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