About Us

About Us

The company, Currawong Engineering Pty Ltd, was founded by Gavin Brett, a mechanical engineer, in 2005, in response to an identified need for specialised components for the UAV industry. Currawong’s first products were components for stabilised camera gimbals, developed in conjunction with Cloud Cap Technology of Hood River, Oregon. Currawong and Cloud Cap continued to have a close association for several years, jointly producing the TASE range of stabilised camera gimbals. In recognition of a perceived deficiency in the reliability and durability of the small engines used to power small to medium sized UAVs, Currawong developed a range of components for converting engines to Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI).  EFI has enabled even the most basic of model aircraft and industrial engines to achieve a modicum of ability to operate in extremes of high and low temperature and at high altitudes.  Currawong has since moved to developing and manufacturing complete aircraft propulsion systems, wherein the base engine is designed to aerospace standards and the engine, fuel system, exhaust system and engine mounting system are fully integrated.  This has led to a further step change in the reliability and durability of UAVs and is demonstrated by the hundreds of Currawong propulsion systems that are deployed daily. In the relatively short time since its formation, Currawong has become the world leader in electronic fuel injection for UAVs, providing both gasoline and heavy fuel solutions for a range of small two stroke and four stroke engines. Over 600 fuel injections systems manufactured by Currawong are operating in the field.

Currawong has its development and manufacturing facilities in Kingston, in the state of Tasmania, Australia. Current operations at the site include the development and manufacture of propulsion systems for UAVs and development and manufacture of the various components of these systems.  In order to be completely confident in the quality of the components that are used in m,manufacturing propulsion systems, Currawong endeavours to make as many parts as possible in its own facility. As a result, advanced manufacturing capabilities have been established, along with engine testing and other R&D facilities.  These facilities also enable Currawong to provide manufacturing support to other companies and industries through contract engineering projects.


Company Principals

Gavin Brett B Mech Eng (Hons) (RMIT)
Chief Executive Officer and Director

Gavin is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and the principal development engineer for Currawong Engineering. Gavin worked at GM Holden Ltd as an engine development engineer and later at Aerosonde Pty Ltd, Australia’s largest manufacturer of UAVs. Gavin’s particular skill is his ability to work in multiple engineering disciplines, an area of expertise that is extremely relevant to the mechatronic products that are designed and manufactured at Currawong Engineering. A key achievement has been his development of electronic fuel injection systems for small internal combustion engines using both heavy fuel and gasoline. Gavin’s Currawong Small Engine Electronic Fuel Injection System (SEEFIS) is the solution to a massive problem in the UAV industry: how to provide an efficient and reliable propulsion system that will enable small UAVs to achieve a high level of reliability, thus dramatically reducing the attrition rate of operational UAVs.

Ken Hosking BE (Hons) (Mech) (Canterbury) PhD (Mech Eng) (Canterbury)
Chief Operating Officer and Director

Ken is a mechanical engineer who has had lengthy involvement with a range of manufacturing industries in Australia and worldwide during 30 years of engineering and management consulting. Ken’s particular skill is the ability to work in a wide range of corporate areas, including strategic development, marketing, finance, production and business administration. Ken joined Gavin as a director and part owner of Currawong Engineering in 2007, combining his management experience with Gavin’s technical expertise.