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Power4Flight (US/Canada distributor)

Power4Flight (P4F) is the US based distributor of Currawong’s products.  P4F was founded by Ross Hoag and Bill Vaglienti, both of whom have had extensive experience in the UAV industry and who together founded Cloud Cap Technology, now a division of UTC Aerospace Systems. P4F operates a propulsion development and test facility in Hood River, Oregon and performs engine calibrations and endurance testing for Currawong’s engines.  Currawong is collaborating with P4F and Cobra Aero on a new clean-sheet 33cc engine specifically designed for the aerospace market.  Currawong’s Corvid-29 engine is marketed in the US as the B29i engine (likewise the Corvid-50 engine is known as the B50i).

Ross Hoag
Cell (541) 399 3176
Office (541) 436 4299

HFE International, based in Tucson, Arizona, is a partner in propulsion system development with Currawong and is an established user of Currawong’s EFI systems and components.  HFE was founded by Tom West, an experienced engineer who has spent many years in the development of UAV propulsion systems.

Tom West

Cobra Aero is a division of Cobra Moto, based in Hillsdale, Michigan, a company that is highly regarded as a  manufacturer of mini motocross bikes.  Cobra Aero, Power4Flight and Currawong are collaborating on a clean-sheet, advanced UAV engine.  This engine, to be known as the Corvid-33 (or A33i in the US), is a single cylinder 33cc  two stroke engine of advanced design. The engine will offer true aerospace technology for the first time to the propulsion of small to medium size UAVs.

Sean Hilbert

Currawong designed and manufactures the enclosure used for the 250W power supply (Currawong part number CE1000) supplied by Millswood Engineering.

Andrew Dunlop

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For US and Canadian customers, contact our distributor, Power4Flight


Embention and Currawong announce seamless product integration

Embention and Currawong are pleased to announce an integration partnership of their systems (Veronte autopilots and Currawong's engines, servos and ESCs). Currawong  Engineering  manufactures  engine  powertrain systems,  servos  and electronic speed controllers...

$150k Grant for expanding electronics production

Currawong was very pleased to host a visit from Senator Jonno Duniam to celebrate the announcement of a $150,000 CDIC Global Defence Competitiveness Grant.  The grant will Currawong to expand its electronics production capability leading to improved quality,...

Successful Booth at AUVSI’s Xponential Show

Currawong Engineering was thrilled to partner with Power4Flight and Cobra Aero at this year’s Xponential Show in Chicago. Currawong’s CEO, Gavin Brett, reported a strong interest in electronic speed controllers, servos and engines. “Xponential is always a fantastic...